It is a frequently asked question.

Q : May I ask for more information about the route of cycling tour? Where would be stops of Half day tour and Full day tour?
A : We always trying to take you to the best beautiful place. And it's depends on the season. We customize the cycling route according to the guest's age, physical strength and bike riding skills.
So we are not sure where we go. We will decide it on each day. Maybe Patchwork area, maybe Panorama area or some other. Basically our cycling route will be not like a famous spot. No name hill but beautiful. No tourists because of no name.

Q : Do you have a bike for kids?
A : All of our bikes are YAMAHA electric assisted bikes. And YAMAHA doesn't make an electric bike for kids. The Kids must have more than 135cm height to fit to our bikes.
The kids must have good enough exprience for bike and big enough hand to use the brake. Because of hilly town here in Biei. A lots of uphill and downhill. We worry about downhill that need a good speed control.

Q : Do you have a child seats?
A : Yes, we can attach a child seat to our electric assisted bike. The child seat fit for weight under 22kg and height under 115cm. It will be difficult to fit if the kids bigger than that.

Q : What will be if it's raining?
A : The cycling tour will be canceled if it's raining. Please contact us if the weather forcast will rain in advance. No cancellation charge in this case.

Q : Is it possible to leave our luggage during cycling tour?
A : Yes, we keep it at our office.

Q : Do you take credit card?
A : Sorry. We don't. We only take cash. Thank you.