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Biei of the hill

Hokkaido is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan.
Among them, we will introduce spots in Biei, which is famous for its hilly terrain.
Tokachi Mountain Range (Daisetsuzan National Park)
Picturesque scenery of rolling hills
and vast fields.
The vivid colors of these fields attract
Millions of tourists visit annually, but you
lead them to beautiful places known only to their guides.

Half day guide
recommended cycling tour 

start 9:30am 13:00pm
Price per person 6300yen(1person)
  5800yen (2people)
  5500yen(10to15yeara old)
Time required about 2h~2hours30min

Full day
Biei special cycling tour 

start 9:30am
Price per person 8800yen (1person)
  8300yen (2people)

Time required about 4h~4hours30min

Blue pond cycling tour 

start April 29 ~ June 25  9:30 a.m. start
June 26~September 22  8:30 a.m. start
September 22~October 22 9:30a.m.start
Price per person 9700yen (1person)
  9200yen (2people)
Time required about 4h~4hours30min

Biei Autumn Leaves Cycling Tour

start September 23~October 15
Price per person 11000yen (1person)
  10000yen (2people)

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step 1. check availability with calender.
step 2. select the cycling tour that you would like.
step 3. select the bike that you would like.
step 4. fill out your details in reservation form.
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Exit JR Biei Station and turn left 50 meters Go to the back of Biei station
Take the elevator and cross the bridge and walk 70 m

You can enjoy a cycling tour from Furano / Asahikawa on a day trip.

From the direction of Furano
Train : From Furano station 8: 12 → arrive at Biei station 8:44
By Bus : Shin Furano Prince Hotel 8: 00 →
Furano Station 8: 20 →
arrive at Biei Station 9: 04
Car : Approximately 45 minutes from Furano city to Biei station

From Asahikawa direction
Train : From Asahikawa station 8: 46 →
Biei station arrival 9: 23
Car : Approximately 50 minutes from Asahikawa city